RARA-AVIS: Spenser/Shylock

From: Dodd ( dodd@linkingpage.com)
Date: 20 Jan 2000

I just wanted to take a moment to again welcome everyone to the Shylock community.

My goal in establishing this group/mailing list is to provide for the most dynamic discussion of the work of Robert B. Parker to be found on the internet today. When viewed in conjunction with the information contained at the Shylock web site
(http://www.linkingpage.com/shylock/) there will be no better source for information related to this author anywhere. In my opinion, the tools available to us at eGroups are best suited to this goal.

The "Talk" feature will allow Windows users to participate in real time audio Based, "conference call" like discussions of Parker and his novels.

"Chat" allows for real-time text conversations between members of a group. We will soon begin scheduling bi-monthly times so that members will know when the group is logged in and available for these discussions.

With "poll" we can survey the group on issues of communal interest. Currently, we are asking everyone to submit their opinion on the issue of Spenser's first name. I will soon post a poll asking everyone to give us feedback as to the best time to schedule the real time chats to insure maximum participation.

Using the "links" tool, we can create a list of all member's web sites to help us to get to know one another in a more personal manner.

The "vault" feature will allow group members to easily and quickly share Parker/Spenser related documents and files with one another.

The "calendar" will provide a quick reference source of Robert Parker book signings, personal appearance and other such information.

Obviously, the most heavily used feature will be "messages" in which we will maintain an archive of the mailing list based messages that we send and receive to one another. Keep in mind, you can edit your membership easily so that you can receive a copy of each email as it is created, receive only a digest of the emails sent that day or read them only by visiting the www site.

Again, welcome. I look forward to getting to know each of you better as time goes on.

_______________________________________________ Dodd Vickers shylock@linkingpage.com
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