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From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 20 Jan 2000

When I joined the list, I posted an inquiry about some pulp and digest magazine writers that have been translated but about whom I couldn't find any information - at the time. Now I know more and I thought I'd shed some light on these guys. (This is a rather long message, so if you're not interested, just skip it.)

John Kobler: wrote for Dime Mystery Book, a series about true crimes, in the thirties

Richard Dermony: wrote for Black Mask in the fourties, had a series about Doctor, who seems to have been some kind of mastermind criminal

Robert Martin: wrote about P.I. Jim Bennett and for Justice in the fifties (I think some of you know the guy)

Robert Turner: wrote paperbacks in the fifties and sixties and apparently short stories as well

John Lawrence: a series about Marquis of Broadway, a tough cop, in Detective Tales (I believe), wrote also for Black Mask

William G. Bogart: a pulp hack with enormous output, wrote for Doc Savage, Clues, Double Action Detective, Feds, Mammoth Detective, Skipper and Shadow, a series about Johnny Saxon in the fourties, six or so novels

J.J. des Ormeaux: wrote for Clues and Crime Busters, at least two P.I's: Walter Murphy and Nick Quillan

Emile Tepperman: wrote for hero pulps, created Ed Race, a circus performer and P.I. who has two guns and who uses them with skill! Wrote for 10-Story Detective, Clues and Ace G-Man Stories, in this one a series about Suicide Squad

George Bruce: created Information Office for Detective Tales, wrote for Black Aces, Thrilling Detective etc., did screenplays in Hollywood, e.g. Phil Karlson's "Kansas City Confidential" (1952) and James Whale's
"The Man in the Iron Mask" (1939)

George Alden Edson: wrote for Terror Tales

H.M. Appel: a pseudonym of Wayne Rogers, who wrote for Terror Tales and Horror Stories, also some P.I. and hero pulp stuff

Edward S. Williams: wrote for Black Mask and created The Voice for Ace G-Man Stories (guy fighted the criminals by pretending to be paralyzed! can you beat that?)

Franklin Martin: created Malachi Gunn for Detective Tales

Henry Herbert Knibbs: wrote western and adventure stories from the early century on

Gordon MacGreagh: wrote for Weird Tales and Adventure, exotic adventure stuff

William Chamberlain: war stories, couple of sci-fi novels in the sixties

D.L. Champion: real name Jack D'Arcy, invented Richard Curtis Van Loan AKA Phantom Detective in the thirties and at least every pulp writer at the time wrote at least one Phantom Detective (some were reprinted in the sixties under the name Robert Wallace)

Laurence Donovan: another pulp hack, wrote for Doc Savage, Crime Busters, Sinister Stories, Phantom Detective etc.

There were also couple of names about which I still know nothing. Woosnam Mills appears to have been British, Jim Kjelgaard wrote western and adventure for children, but as for Charles Larson and John Whiting I'm still hunting them down.

I inquired also about pulp characters. I managed to pin Uncle Tubby down, as some of you may remember, but no one else. (He was created by Ray Cummings and is not hardboiled.)

Juri jurnum@utu.fi

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