Re - RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled Plays - *The Desperate Hours*

Date: 19 Jan 2000

Mr. Bergin mentioned being acquainted with the playwright Joseph Hayes. The Bogart film version is one of my favorite movies. Interestingly I didn't see the movie until after having read both the 1954 novel, also by Mr. Hayes, and his subsequent stage play, so it was rather like watching a work in progress: the novel being the first draft; the more accomplished play being the second; and the film which combined the best elements of prose and stage.

Hayes shared a screenwriting credit with two other writers, in addtion to the "based on" credit, for the Mickey Rourke remake. Does Mr. Bergin know how much he actually had to do with the newer version's script? Like Mr. Hayes, I was very disappointed in the remake.


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