RARA-AVIS: re: Shane Stevens (note spelling)

From: Paul Duncan ( paul.duncan@asml.nl)
Date: 19 Jan 2000


> No hits on Shane Stevens or J.W. Rider in The Internet Movie Database. Any
> idea what films he's written?

From what I heard, he sold the film rights to BY REASON OF INSANITY, wrote the screenplay, moved to Hollywood, and failed to get it made. He stayed on as a script-doctor, working on other people's scripts (hence no credit). There are many screenwriters in Hollywood who make a very compfortable living without having anything made.

> I have the sense of a major writer slipping away. Mediocre pseudonymous PI
> novels and anonymous or unproduced screenplays after some brilliant early work
> - -- although I didn't much care for THE ANVIL CHORUS, the last book under his
> own name. But DEAD CITY and WAY UPTOWN IN ANOTHER WORLD are real
> achievements,among the best crime novels ever written, and I'm surprised
> they're not better known.

I have the same feeling. I also felt that THE ANVIL CHORUS was weak compared to his previous novels. For me, the derivative idea was an indication that Stevens' work was going downhill - all his previous novels have a freshness, vitality and cutting edge that made them stand apart. As I said, I have not read WAY UPTOWN IN ANOTHER WORLD, but I look forward to reading it based upon your recommendation.

- paul

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