RARA-AVIS: Mexican Americans in Crime Fiction

From: Pat Zeitoun ( pwz@tca.net)
Date: 18 Jan 2000


After my screw up of this morning, you may never trust anything I say again but, one suggestion. Are you familiar with Allana Martin, a Texas author who has written 3 books featuring Texana Jones. There is the Death of a Healing Woman, Death of a Santero, and the most recent in hardback that I don't have the name of in front of me. They are about Texana's life on the Texas Mexico border in far West Texas, where the river doesn't even count as a divider. Her characters, both Anglo and Mexican are very well conceived and according to my experience, very honestly observed. In fact, I do not know why I cannot find anyone else who knows about her books. I wonder if she is being marketed as a Western Writer as the cover of her books says she is the winner of the Western Writer's of America's Medicine Pipe Bearer Award. She calls them Texana Jones Mysteries.

Forgive me if I am slightly off-topic, because Allana is not hard-boiled or noir. But there is nothing 'cozy' about her, and her cat is a Bob Cat and it does not solve crimes, nor does she cook. Hope this is helpful,


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