RARA-AVIS: Thanks for all the help

From: Doug Bassett ( dj_bassett@yahoo.com)
Date: 17 Jan 2000

Thanks for all the help, guys. Much appreciated, really.

Regarding Cornell Woolrich: I wanted to mention that I, too, have to be in the mood for Woolrich/Irish. I've only read a few things by him (WALTZ INTO DARKNESS, I MARRIED A DEAD MAN, one half-remembered book under the Irish pseudonym which had to do with a man and a woman spending one night in NYC racing against time to prove the man innocent of murder) and based on that I think the guy's overrated.

He had great ideas, and sometimes could be very effective, but more often than not the doomy atmosphere gets to be pretty excessive. (Plus, the plots themselves are often simply ridiculous.)Some critic once said that some of Goodis's books, like CASSIDY'S GIRL, could be reimagined as operas; well, in my opinion a lot of Woolrich's stuff can be reimagined as bad operas.

I'd like to read some of Woolrich's short stories someday -- I have a suspicion that they're better than the novels. I think, though, all in all, that I prefer Goodis.


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