Re: RARA-AVIS: hardboiled plays /Red Harvest

From: cooper (
Date: 17 Jan 2000

 Theatre de la Jeune Lune here in Minneapolis did a version of "Red Harvest"
> a year or so back; it got good reviews I think, but I never got around to
> see it.
Oo,oo, RED HARVEST, I knew I'd read something about it this weekend that caught my eye, in the GUARDIAN (my English newspaper of choice) there was a snippet re; ALBERTO GRIMALDI, as they put it a"dodgy old Italian producer" who is currently trying to kibosh Scorsese's latest film (GANGS OF NEW YORK)as he claims that it actually his longterm idea/project whatever, that's by the by, the point is that he also holds the rights to RH, and is therefore blocking BERTOLUCCI'S adaptation. I really think this whole idea of one person being able to do what they like(in his case obviously zip) with a piece of literature is just so much of a huge crock of shit.. But that's just my twopenneth Jane

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