RARA-AVIS: L.A. bookstores

From: McHale, Steve ( SMcHale@filenet.com)
Date: 17 Jan 2000

> I'm going on a short trip to LA (Pasadena, actually), in about a week.
> I'm not going to have much spare time, just an afternoon, maybe two, so
> I won't be able to go on a full-scale search. So, can anyone recommend
> the best one or two used bookstores for mysteries in the area?
> Appreciate the help,
> Mark
        There are two that quickly come to mind:
        Mysterious Bookshop in Beverly Hills. They don't have much of a general used section, but they do have a lot of premium collectable paperbacks. They also stock many signed books and other interesting memorabilia. The people who work and hang out there are good at talking about the genre.

        Mitchell's Books in Pasadena. Mitchell's has a much larger, but less premium paperback section. He also has a huge hardback first edition section. The big treat is Mitchell himself. You can talk to him all day long and he won't run out of anecdotes, trivia, recommendations and stories.

        There is also Mystery and Imagination in Glendale (close to Pasadena). I have not been in about 4 years but I was impressed. They just started carrying collectable paperbacks and were hoping to add more.

        There are others I have heard of in the northern valley, but I forget their names.

        There are also good ones in the Long Beach/Orange County region, but those can be a 60 minute drive from Pasadena.

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