RARA-AVIS: Re: McBain and Police Procedurals

From: Paul Hartshorne ( paul@day1.demon.co.uk)
Date: 13 Jan 2000

Now that's a co-incidence... I'm not usually an anorak (Britspeak) about reading series novels in chronological order (another thing to enjoy about Jim Sallis' Lew Griffin books!), but decided to give it a try when I began McBain's 87th Precinct series 18 months ago. I knew that I'd read one of the books many years ago, but couldn't remember which one (not quite hardboiled enough for me then), but after hearing good things about the series, I picked up a used copy of COP HATER very inexpensively at Murder One in London. They normally have an old copy or two of every 87th Precinct title in stock. I've just been picking them up here and there as I see them. I've now read the first nine, so KING'S RANSOM is next. A quarter of the way through THE MUGGER I realised that that was the one I'd read before. I've enjoyed them all, especially THE PUSHER and KILLER'S CHOICE.

On the subject of Police Procedurals, a few weeks ago I picked up LAST SEEN WEARING by Hillary Waugh (the new Pan Classic edition) which I loved. Reginald Hill's introduction noted that the primary detective duo do not appear again, but another character, Police Chief Fred Fellows appears in a series of ten novels beginning with SLEEP LONG, MY LOVE. Can anyone tell me the titles of the others?

Still on the subject of PP's, anyone have an opinion on Donald Harstad's first two novels? I enjoyed them, especially ELEVEN DAYS which gave me a real sense of location. It's a shame that the ending was a little OTT!

- Paul

Jim wrote:
>But I still haven't read KING'S RANSOM, as I'm a
>bit retentive about reading series books in order. So I tried to start
>the first Precinct novel, COP HATER, but I couldn't find it. So I watched
>the terrible movie made from it, then read #2, THE MUGGER. I really loved
>it. The procedural stuff is first rate, and the interaction, cameraderie,
>and disdains of a precinct force seem real and fascinating. I couldn't
>the next one, so I jumped to THE CON MAN (is that the title?). I enjoyed
>just as much.

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