From: Bob Toomey (
Date: 13 Jan 2000

Mark Blumenthal wrote:

> As one who has had both, I can definitely state that cats are a hell of a
> lot more hard boiled than dogs. They are the independent loners. Dogs crave
> your attention. Cats suffer it.

We're gonna get slapped for drifting into a cat thing here, but as someone who has both, I can tell you that I am typing with two purring cats in my lap and a dog at my feet. Maybe your cats are independent loners. Mine are all over me. When I sit, they stake out my lap. When I sleep, they climb on top of me and knead obsessively. The dog stays on the floor, only occasionally resting his chin politely on my knee -- when the cats allow it, that is.

Hardboiled cats? Not in my house.

'Course they're tough as hell on the neighborhood birds and rodents.


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