From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 12 Jan 2000

> Recent talk about TV PI's made me think how many I could remember having
> watched in the 50's (when I was a child, of course) and 60's. I remember
> Dragnet, Highway Patrol, Peter Gunn, Richard Diamond, Gangbusters, Foreign
> Intrigue,
> Lawless Years, Decoy Boston Blackie and Dangerous Assignment.
> Anyone else think of any other bad guys who wore sharkskin suits and
> fedoras, and where the good guys always got their man?

Off the top of my head: The Thin Man, The Line-up, Meet McGraw, Martin Kane, Private Eye, Secret Agent(which led to The Prisoner) 77 Sunset Strip, M Squad, Hawaiian Eye, Naked City, Untouchables, and I'm sure there were lots more. Peter Gunn and Secret Agent are my favorites. Mark

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