Re: RARA-AVIS: Let's Go to Hollywood

Date: 11 Jan 2000

I suddenly remembered a third writer who belongs to the "Three Edgars in Three Different Categories" club, the late, great William DeAndrea. And, to add symmetry, he was also a friend of Westlake's. He wrote the intro to the Gregg Press reprint edition of *The Score*.

DeAndrea didn't do much that could truly be called "hardboiled," though his two-book series about Lobo Blacke and Quinn Booker in which he applies the
"Nero Wolfe paradigm" to the Old West might be noted by those looking for
"hardboiled westerns."

He was, however, an enormously entertaining writer, whether HB or not, and a great fan and incisive critic of the entire genre. His *Encyclopedia Mysteriosa* is one of the best reference works on mystery fiction, and won him his well-deserved third Edgar, in the Critical/Biographical category. He was also one of mystery-dom's nicest guys.

Since this particular thread on three-time Edgar winners grew out of Westlake's *Grifters* screenwriting credit, it should be noted that his pleasure at how well that script, featuring criminal protagonists, came out was one of the things that led him to resume the Parker series after more than a quarter of a century.


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