Re: RARA-AVIS:Brown, Pelacanos and Odds and Sods

From: cooper (
Date: 10 Jan 2000

This is what happens when you leave your post for the weekend.You end up with a looonnng letter (not too long I promise) FREDERIC BROWN We have an early 80s collection by BLACK BOX which includes; Night of the Jabberwock The Screaming Mimi Knock 3 2 1 The Fabulous Clipjoint. and all for the bargain price of £5.95. The Black Box series are well worth seeking out, especially for those just starting out in the field. They were edited by Maxim Jacubowski, who has gone on to do great things with DO NOT PRESS.

PELECANOS. I take it from the list of DC books that they were renamed for the UK market, we have; A Firing Offence Nick's Trip Down By The River Where The Dead Men Go

But anyway a rose by any other name...

And just an aside, I was reading UNCUT, a UK mag about music, film,TV etc and it was interesting to note that in the book section of 18 books reviewed, 8 all under the crime/HB banner(including a collection of essays on Hitchcock). Never mind poetry or cookery, HB, is it the new Rock and Roll? There, not too long was it. Hey, Kevin this upper case/lower case stuff is a snip. Jane

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