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From: pabergin (
Date: 11 Jan 2000

David Bell asked:
>Has anyone read a novel called SHOOT by Douglas Fairbairn? Does anyone know
>anything about the author?

SHOOT is a good, jittery little novel about a hunting trip gone seriously awry. Well worth a look. I remember thinking while reading it that it could be made into a movie almost verbatim. I subsequently learned that it was, in fact, made into a TV movie starring Andy Griffith. I've never seen the film and don't know if it retained the title.

Fairbairn was also the author of STREET 8, a hardboiled masterpiece and arguably the finest novel ever written about Miami. It may take effort to find a copy, but the reward is worth it.

He also wrote a fairly straightforward adventure yarn about treasure and modern pirates in the Caribbean, the title of which I've forgotten, DOWN & OUT IN CAMBRIDGE, a memoir of his college days, and at least one children's book.

Douglas Fairbairn died in 1997 of an Alzheimer's-like condition. He died unaware that he had ever written a word. Talk about noir endings. PB

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