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Date: 09 Jan 2000

It is in Washington DC at Borders and The Mystery Bookstore in Dupont Circle that hosted a visit by Pelecanos this past Wednesday night and it's available at ...

volente Deo,

Anthony Dauer Alexandria, Virginia

"I know. We are ... the lucky ones." Bif Naked, 1999

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> From: Maura McMillan
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> i don't know if shame the devil is in the stores yet. if not, it will be
> any minute now. as far as p's other books, i don't think it
> (reading order)
> matters too much - there are recurring characters, yes, and personal
> history of those characters comes up from time to time, but not in any way
> that makes it necessary to read them chronologically. each book stands by
> itself. BUT if you wanna start at the 'beginning,' start with shoedog.

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