RARA-AVIS: King Suckerman on film?

From: ejm duggan ( ejmd@cwcom.net)
Date: 09 Jan 2000

Does anyone know if the Sean Combes / Jennifer Lopez gun bust thing will have any impact on the film of _King Suckerman_ which, IIRC, Combs is bankrolling/starring in/directing/soundtracking and just about anything else that gets a credit (operating the cameras?)

I saw a brief piece in the UK's _Daily Torygraph_ a few days ago (I was out, in a cafe, it was the only paper they had ... I didn't *buy it*) that said after Combs and a couple of his compadres had been done for the gun thing, Combs was miffed that Lopez *hadn't been done*, that she had gotten out of the police station much quicker than he ... apparently Combs was paranoid, thought she'd stitched him up somehow.

Anyway, do any rara-avians know the current state of play on this, and are there any implications for the King Suckerman film? Anyone know of the film is finished yet?


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