Re: RARA-AVIS: Fredric Brown, Leigh Brackett and a question.

From: Karl W. Reinsch ( kreinsch@Radix.Net)
Date: 08 Jan 2000

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, John & Carrie wrote:
> > I know there are authors who have melded the genres, but are there current
> > hard boiled authors prominent in both fields? If so, is their work in
> > sf/fantasy close to hard boiled?
> I really can't think of anyone other than Jonathan Letham (sp?).

Yeah, Jonathan Lethem sort of straddles between s/f and hb. His "Gun, With Occasional Music" seems to be inspired by a line from Raymond Chandler about a kangaroo in a dinner jacket. Since it is s/f, he takes the line literally. The Newsweek quote comparing the book to Chandler melded with Philip K. Dick is a pretty good description.

Although I haven't read it yet - "Would it Kill You to Smile?" by Philip Lawson appears to be modeled after the writing of Ross MacDonald and is actually written by two s/f writers - Paul Di Filippo and Michael Bishop.
(Check out the description/quote from one of the authors at Amazon: )

Also, isn't Walter Mosely's "Blue Light" s/f?


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