Re: RARA-AVIS: Fredric Brown, Leigh Brackett and a question.

From: John & Carrie (
Date: 08 Jan 2000

Mark wrote:

> I know there are authors who have melded the genres, but are there current
> hard boiled authors prominent in both fields? If so, is their work in
> sf/fantasy close to hard boiled?
> Mark

I really can't think of anyone other than Jonathan Letham (sp?). K. W. Jeter wrote Noir, but I'm not aware of him doing any strictly hard-boiled work. There seems to be more of it on dark horror end....where serial killers and sleuths can be more readily adaptable to both genres. Although not hard-boiled, but certainly a bit noirish, is Poppy Z. Brite. Her Exquisite Corpse is not bad.


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