Re: RARA-AVIS: you're HOW old?

From: Bruce Townley (
Date: 08 Jan 2000

> At any rate, rather than accepting the generalizations I've seen posted to
> this group, I'm curious about your ages and reading history.
> Teri

Born pre-`58 (1954), I grew up in a household where science fiction and mystery books were always around - - a family of avid readers. My pop
<still> calls ANALOG magazine ASTOUNDING, since he's been reading it that long. Plowed through all the big figures in the SF field (Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein and the others) as well as a bunch of tea-cozy mystery stuff that was lying around the house when I was in grade school. The mysteries I read because my sister had accumulated a bunch of Agatha Christie pb titles. Don't remember precisely how I stumbled onto Hammett & Co. but I suspect that it was on account of watching old crime films on tv with my Mom on Saturday afternoons and realizing that I liked Houston's version of THE MALTESE FALCON a whole lot better than some British drawing room thing. Eventually when I looked up Hammett's novels and stories, a neon sign above my head began blinking, saying THIS IS IT. This was when I was in my teens. I, of course, have never looked back.

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