Re: RARA-AVIS: You're HOW old!?

Date: 07 Jan 2000

Introduced to the Hardy Boys (via *The Mickey Mouse Club*) in the 2nd grade. Graduated to the books almost immediately. Other kid series (The Three Investigators, Tod Moran, Brains Benton, Encyclopedia Brown, etc.) followed. Discovered Sherlock Holmes in the 4th grade. All this time was aware of hard-boiled PI, police procedurals, and spy via TV shows like
*Peter Gunn*, *77 Sunset Strip*, *The FBI*, *Richard Diamond*, *Dragnet*,
*The Untouchables*, *M Squad*, *Mannix*, *The Detectives*, *I Spy*,
*Mission Impossible* etc. Some of these were still in their initial network runs; most were in syndicated re-runs.

By the 7th grade I discovered Perry Mason in both syndicated re-runs and in print. This was followed almost immediately by Dashiell Hammett and Ed McBain. Raymond Chandler as a freshman in high school. Mickey Spillane, Donald Hamilton, John Wainwright in college. (NOTE: Tried Spillane in high school; didn't develop a taste 'til college).

Along the way many others including both the John D. and Ross Mac, Joe Gores, Dorothy Uhnak, E. Richard Johnson, John "J.J. Marric" Creasey, and lots of great mystery writers who aren't HB but still great reading.

Years later I'm a professional cop and on the fringes of being a professional mystery writer, and I'm still discovering great new writers. Many of them thanks to this list.


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