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From: Ziggy Nix (
Date: 06 Jan 2000

Hi I'm another Duane who is 27 and who reads hard-boiled literature, but you can simply call me Ziggy.

Anyway, I started with the Hardy Boys in 3rd grade and then fell into the fantasy side of literature. Then I discovered the comic books "Hellblazer" and then "Sandman" and then one day
(I think I was just past my 14th birthday) an older gentleman watching me devour a Hellblazer asked me if they gave me nightmares. I told him no and he told me to try reading Jim Thompson's "The Killer Inside Me" and it did give me nightmares and I was quickly hooked on noirish plup. Went through everything I could find on Thompson, then Cornell Woolrich, and then I found James Cain and he devoured me. Stylistic interest led to Hemingway and then I discovered Hammett who just took the cake away from Poppa. After reading through everything my grubby mitts could grime of Hammett, I found Chandler. I ended up making my way through the Ripleys and then found Ellroy, then Philip Kerr's
"Berlin Noir" and I became interested in people rewriting history and jumped into Don Dilillo whose blurb on the back of John Banville's The Book of Evidence lead me to doing my thesis on Banville and then my interest in all things Irish took hold and I read Patrick McCabe's The Butcher Boy (and everything else he has written) and now I'm just floating in renaissance literature (primarily drama, but the prose is kindof kooky and cool, but the tragedies are so freaking bloody and violent, you might just think they're hard-boiled).

So that's my progression, some old guy suggests a book to give me nightmares when I'm youngand I end up reading renaissance drama, who'd thunk it.

Yah-yah-yah, Ziggy Nix

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