RARA-AVIS: you're HOW old?

From: bearlodge ( bearlodge@email.msn.com)
Date: 06 Jan 2000

What a bunch of kids. I'll be 70 next month. I think I read Hammett first because I was born and grew up in Tacoma. Then it was on to Chandler, whom I liked even better and think I still do. I don't respond much here because everyone else seems so much better grounded in the hardboiled. I read much too eclectically, even within the mystery field, including historical mysteries by certain writers. And I range far outside the mystery field. But I have read Willeford, Mosley, Vacchs, Thompson, Goodis, Macdonald and MacDonald, Parker, Burke and others. So I relate to and can enjoy much of the conversation here. There have been some great recommendations of authors, books, films, and music. So I'm very grateful to that other Denton fellow for giving us a place where it can all happen.

Cheers, Frank Denton

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