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From: Ann Theis (
Date: 06 Jan 2000

> One of the other Marks asked:
> <<Question: I was looking for the Thomas book that begins with an
> elderly,
> very influentual senator going down to get his newspaper. When he opens
> the door he is shot. I thought I had all of Thomas' books, yet a in a
> cursory search I couldn't find it. Does anybody know the title?>>

I'm pretty sure it is The Money Harvest. - Crawdad Gilmore is killed while clutching his Washington Post.

I'm a Ross Thomas fanatic. I first discovered his books in the 80's while working in a bookstore. We ended up ordering every thing available and hand selling them to any likely victims that darkened our door.

I recall his editor telling me that before he died he was working on a book set in Africa at the time of the Biafra war. The manuscript was destroyed, and as I remember it, his editor said Thomas didn't think anyone would be interested in that time period - ancient history.

The only time I slighted professional duties at a library conference was when Thomas was signing books. I felt sure that there would be a huge line and raced out of a meeting to get there. I was the only person there and they couldn't change my $50 bill, so I bought 2 books.

Shortly after his death, we named our new Irish Wolfhound/Akita mix in honor of Georgia Blue. Turned out to be rather more apt than we had thought. Maybe the next critter will be named after "that *#%@ Durant".


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