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Date: 05 Jan 2000

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... But where is Fredric Brown? Richard S. Prather? Paul Cain? W.
> R. Burnett? Cleve Adams? Raoul Whitfield? Earl Stanley
> Gardner? And many others. I know -- they're not on anybody's top
> five list, including mine. But they toiled the fields, they did
> good work, and they should be acknowledged.
Yes they did and I don't think that their work was denigrated in any way. The list as I read it wasn't meant to be a list of favourites, or best of, but those who made you go whooo! I made the mistake of rushing into making my list, after thinking more I would have changed a few (but maybe one should go with impulses, prevarication leads to indecision) the main one being Andrew Vachss, who wouldn't appear in my current list of faves. I read a load of his stuff as fast as I could buy it, but I soon became jaded with his work. I think this probably happens a lot with other people, other authors.(other genres, I remember a very embarassing teenage thing with Michael Moorcock books) You and your tastes change, you mature, you find writers who still make you go whoo, but after that initial rush you can still find something that resonates within you. Jane

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