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From: a.n.smith (
Date: 05 Jan 2000

born in '73. 26yrs old.

hardy boys started it, in second grade, which quickly led to classics: sherlock holmes, agatha christie, erle s. gardner, and then to chandler and hammett. i subscribed to Alfred Hitchcock MysMag when i was 11. really. i still have some of those issues. in junior high and high school, i veered away into comic books (Frank Miller, Batman, The Shadow), sci-fi, and literature (Hemingway and Vonnegut) before turing to a serious attempt at writing fiction, both literary and crime. So I sent a couple of stories out to AH and EQ when I was 19. Deservedly rejected, as I wasn't much good yet.

In college, returned to hardboiled fiction with a vengence: discovered Burke and Ellroy and Jim Thompson and Elmore Leonard, Pelecanos (what a hero), etc... eventually received a Master's in Creative Writing. Currently working on PhD while a fiction editor with Mississippi Review Web, and of Plots With Guns.

So, I love the classics that started me on the path, but began to grow interested on what it will take to keep hardboiled writing fresh and vital for right now. I look for the writers who I think are doing this as a fan, an editor, and I try to write towards that, also.

Neil Smith

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