Re: RARA-AVIS: you're HOW old?

From: Jim Beaver (
Date: 05 Jan 2000

> At any rate, rather than accepting the generalizations I've seen posted to
> this group, I'm curious about your ages and reading history.

Definitely a pre-'58er here. Born in '50, read sf through high school, Louis L'Amour and Thomas Wolfe through the Marines, and discovered Chandler in college, which led to Hammett, Harris, Stout, Kaminsky, and belatedly Ross Macdonald. Wrote my one and only published mystery for Alfred Hitchcock Magazine in '81, then wrote for the revived Alfred Hitchcock TV series in '86-'87. Wrote a PI screenplay set in the Forties a couple of years back, which I am leisurely turning into a novel. And that's my mystery history. Unless you count playing lots of detectives in movies and tv.

Jim Beaver

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