RARA-AVIS: nancy drew

From: Jason M Boog ( jboog@umich.edu)
Date: 05 Jan 2000

Dear Friends,

Even though I'm mostly a lurker, I wanted to come out with my reading history -- if only because Martha's Nancy Drew testimonial moved me. I was born in 1977, and found Nancy Drew in fourth grade. My religious mother wouldn't let me read anything else in the mystery genre. I found the old blue shiny-covered Hardy Boys a year later and Chandler in 8th grade. Now I'm all grown up and haven't stopped reading hardboiled for a minute. I'm defending a couple of our books in a senior English thesis, fighting the stuffy guardians of "Literature" with some hardboiled prose. I think "Literature" is what you read, what makes you get excited, not the canon they've taught since the 19th century. So three cheers for Nancy Drew, whenever your mothers let you read them.

Jason Boog

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