RE: RE: RARA-AVIS: eminence grisen formula

Date: 05 Jan 2000

PatZ worries (?), "I don't seem to fit the mold of the rara avis mystery reader. However, I amreading and enjoying the hb and noir genre more than I would have ever thought possible."

You'd be surprised how many of us came late to the good stuff, from backgrounds of more or less high class/academic reading. (Some of us still have to wear robes once or twice a year.) First ran into the grey Mr. Crider at an academic conference in San Antonio (Popular Culture Association).

Somewhere in the past of this list we had an exchange on why we read this
"stuff," a question colleagues sometimes pose. In my case (and others), it has to do with the sense of vital prose, the carrying on of the realistic- naturalistic tradition even with the formula patterns. Much as I complain about Ellroy, for instance, I find his prose envigorating--though it hasn't made my hair ungrey.


Bill Hagen

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