Re: RARA-AVIS: you're HOW old?

From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 05 Jan 2000

> Jim Doherty mentioned his belief that most people on this list were first
> "blown away" by a hard-boiled writer while they were in high school. I'm
> wondering if that is true, just as I am wondering if most of you were born
> after '58, as another recent post suggested.
Teri, I said most of us were born after '58 just to illustrate how surprised I was that so many of us we were listing authors who were writing well before we were able to read their original publications. I said 'probably' and have no factually based idea of ages. Like Bill I graduated high school in '59, but the only mysteries I had read were all the Sherlock Holmes. For pleasure fiction I read sf almost exclusively. I didn't start reading a lot of hb until well into the '60's and then only when I found an author who really impressed me like Hammett, Chandler or Ross MacDonald. I started reading hb more extensively in the early '90's when I tired of sf-- about 30 years after Bill.. Mark

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