RARA-AVIS: The few, the proud

From: msmartha@earthlink.net
Date: 05 Jan 2000

Bill C, don't feel bad. I was alive in 1958, too, although my major reads at that time were the Little House series and the Happy Hollisters. However, I had just discovered Nancy Drew and therefore was about to embark on a lifelong love of crime writing. Actually, thinking about it now, I should have put her on my list. OK, so she's not exactly hard-boiled, but she definitely wasn't a wimp, and I don't think I would have made the transition to Hammett, etc., quite so smoothly without her.

Bill, you are our cherished eminence grise of Rara Avis. Whatever would we do without you?

Thanks to the person who mentioned Dorothy Uhnak. Christie Opara was on the case long before Kinsey, Sharon and Kay. And thanks to the person who brought up Gardner. Perry Mason was a weekly ritual in our house.


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