Re: RARA-AVIS: Thanks: Amen for Brackett

From: John Woolley (
Date: 04 Jan 2000

Bob Toomey writes:
> Let me add that Dennis McMillan's edition of Leigh Brackett's NO GOOD
> FROM A CORPSE -- which includes her classic novel and, I believe, all of
> her HB novelets -- is a beautiful piece of bookmaking and belongs in the
> library of every member of this list.

And for those of us who are too stingy (or poor) to spring the bucks, may I suggest filling out one of those little "Patron Aquisition Request" forms at your local public library? I suggested _No Good from a Corpse_ to the Denver Public Library, and they bought three copies! Similarly, they took my suggestion and got Adventure House's collection of John K. Butler stories, _At the Stroke of Midnight_. And a few others.

We might get more good old HB reprinted if more of us did this, and at little cost. Which said, I *would* spring for a Norbert Davis collection -- I don't want to take my paperback of _Dead Little Rich Girl_ (aka _The Mouse in the Mountain_) out of its plastic bag.

-- Fr. John Woolley

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