Re: RARA-AVIS: i was dora suarez ... and HB women

From: cooper (
Date: 03 Jan 2000

Subject: RARA-AVIS: i was dora suarez ...
> couldn't remember whether or not people liked it. Opinions, anyone?
> Well, I know last time I mentioned how much I liked DS I got a right royal
slagging(in a very polite RA way of course) I think it's well worth going back for, but i warn you, it is not a happy read, it made me feel grimy, despairing of the human condition and melancholy, but I'm not sorry I read it. Re current |HB women writers,from over here I like Laurie Henderson and from over there I recently got a Sparkle Hayter on whom I'm reserving judgement(but she has a good funny homepage). I can't read Grafton either, but for a slightly harder edge on a similar theme you could try Val McDermid(though she isn't always my cup of tea) But whatever you do avoid Iguana Love by Vicki Hendricks, we discussed this a while back I know, but to sum up, crapcrapcrap was at least my humble op. If she ever got the Booker Prize and the Golden Dagger and an Edgar it would still not be enough to ever persuade me to pick up another of her books. Jane

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