RARA-AVIS: RE: leigh brackett

From: Chris Bahn ( Chris_Bahn@citysearch.com)
Date: 04 Jan 2000

I'm sorry, my mistake -- she IS credited, I just looked right past her name.

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I thought William Faulkner wrote the screenplay for BIG SLEEP. Brackett isn't credited on imdb.com -- did she do a ghost job or something?

> Leigh Brackett, who was on my list, is female. But that was easy to
> miss. Howard Hawks was fooled. After reading her classic HB novel NO
> GOOD FROM A CORPSE, he decided "this guy" would be perfect to write the
> screenplay for his film version of Chandler's THE BIG SLEEP. When she
> showed up in his office, he realized his mistake, but he hired her
> anyway, and he liked her work so much she ended up writing five more
> movies for him.

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