From: ejmd@cwcom.net
Date: 04 Jan 2000

Kevin Burton Smith wrote:
> Anyway, I'll gladly post the results of the list on my site, once
> it's compiled, if it's okay with folks here. And, speaking of my
> site, I spent yesterday trying to dig up info on FALLEN ANGELS (see
> what ya started, Eddie?).
> A first whack at an entry is now up on my site, at
> http://www.colba.net/~kvnsmith/thrillingdetective/eyes/fallen.html .
> If anyone can fill in any blanks, it'll be much appreciated.

Wow, that was quick!

BTW, the Keifer Sutherland episode was entitled 'Love and Blood' and was based on a short by Evan Hunter. The opening scene, a boxing match in which Sutherland undergoes a savage beating, rivals the boxing scenes in _Raging Bull_ for squirmability.


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