RARA-AVIS: blown away

From: PPijpers ( p.pijpers@net.HCC.nl)
Date: 03 Jan 2000

My reading of HB authors goes back a couple of years, alas, but both the McDonalds are on my list: reread Ross McDonald at least twice, searched the second-hand bookshops for more Travis McGee series. Chandler and Hammett were my introduction to the HB world and Ellroy makes five. Not a very interesting list, but Max Byrd could be on it if I would have kept on reading HB authors...

1. Ross McDonald (skeletons, skeletons)

2. Raymond Chandler

3. James Ellroy (a difficult writer but worth it: I didn't find back the bleak world of LA Confidential in the movie: novel vs entertainment ;
'Silent terror' is as a RAvian pointed out, a good one to begin with.)

4. John McDonald

5. Joe Gores (Interface, Hammett etc)

Cheers from the Netherlands,


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