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From: Kathy Evans (
Date: 03 Jan 2000

A late reply, but it was nice to see Greenleaf mentioned in a top five. His Tanner series seems consistently high-level.


Kevin Burton Smith wrote:
> Gee, I'm not sure how I could list just five authors that blew me
> away. Of course, Hammett, Chandler and Macdonald and MacDonald would
> be on it. But that almost goes without saying.
> So here's five that nobody else, as far as I know, have bothered to
> list. Just to skewer the results a bit. Authors that blew me away on
> first readings.
> Michael Collins
> Stephen Greenleaf
> Neil Albert
> Norbert Davis
> Bill Pronzini
> Not that they've all been consistently rewarding (although, mostly,
> they have), and at least in Davis' case, it's been damn hard to find
> his stuff. Part of the problem with this list is that it takes into
> account not just the quality of the book, but the circumstances in
> which you've read it. How can you rush out and buy all the works of a
> first-time novelist? Or an obscure pulpster whose works are
> justifiably affordable only to collectors? And if a boxload of an
> author's books is dumped on you, are you reading them because they're
> there, or because the first so impressed you?
> Anyway, I'll gladly post the results of the list on my site, once
> it's compiled, if it's okay with folks here. And, speaking of my
> site, I spent yesterday trying to dig up info on FALLEN ANGELS (see
> what ya started, Eddie?).
> A first whack at an entry is now up on my site, at
> .
> If anyone can fill in any blanks, it'll be much appreciated.
> Oh, and if it's the end of the world as we know it, I feel fine.
> Top of the world, Ma!
> Kevin
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