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Date: 03 Jan 2000

Doug writes,

"It's suddenly occurred to me that some classic female hb writers are out-of-print: Helen Nielsen, Leigh Brackett, Vin Packer, Dolores Hitchens, Dorothy Hughes."

Actually I believe some of Dorothy B. Hughes' work is still in print, especially Ride the Pink Horse and In a Lonely Place, both made into films. All were in paperback series in the 80s, so can still be found in used bookstores and on the web. I even found a hardback trilogy for a reasonable price about a year ago, as I remember.

 Last Spring, I presented a paper on her early work and made the perhaps overreaching comment that she may have been the first woman to write novels in the hard-boiled or noir mode. Believe I checked her pub dates against most of those mentioned by Doug (espec. Leigh B.), but would be interested in hearing challenges to my comment. Hughes started off with Buchan- style (sp?) chase and menace thrillers, and gradually darkened her canvas. In Pink Horse and Lonely Place, she's scouting the territory that Jim Thompson later developed.

Bill Hagen

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