Re: RARA-AVIS: Blown Away

Date: 02 Jan 2000

John asks,
 "Would anyone consider the Quiller spy series as being hard-boiled?"

I certainly would, far more so than James Bond who's been mentioned on this list several times. In fact, Adam Hall (along with Joe Gores, Robert L. Fish, Dorothy Uhnak,and Michael Collins) would all be on my "second five." I should also mention Mickey Spillane, who I hated when I first read one book by him in high school. Later, persuaded to give him a second try, I found I *was* blown away. Spillane fails to make either my first or second five because of the initial antipathy. Since the definition of "blown away" was very specific, I tried to think of writers I truly tried to devour everything by as soon as I read them who fell, at least marginally, into the HB category. The reason this includes mostly pre-1980 writers is that, for me, the "blown away" experience mostly came in my school days.


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