Re: RARA-AVIS: Thanks

Date: 02 Jan 2000

The "top five" thread has been great for me, as most of the authors listed are new to me. I joined this list as I know my tastes run more toward hard-boiled than toward cozy, but from your lists, it is obvious I haven't read even some of the most basic hard-boiled authors. As a consequence, I now have a list of over two dozen authors to take to the library with me next time I go and am looking forward to discovering at least a couple of keepers from that list.

I'm sure you have discussed this long before I joined the list, but I was interested to discover there was only one female author on my long list: Dorothy Hughes. The reason they are missing among the classic authors is fairly obvious, but I am surprised more have not moved into this field in the last couple of decades.

I'm not sure where the lines come between cozies, "medium-boiled" and hard-boiled. I do know I would not consider Marcia Muller or Jan Burke to be cozies. What do you guys think? If you aren't bored to death with this topic, I'd be interested in hearing what women you think are writing in the hard-boiled genre.

Glad to see this list getting more active.


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