Re: RARA-AVIS: BUG ALERT(Blown away)

From: Peter Walker (
Date: 02 Jan 1994

 Ned Fleming wrote
> To be honest, the above three just barely make the "blown away" cut.
> None of them compare to the -- what do I call it? -- sudden
> intuitive realization of reading a masterpiece as Patrick O'Brian's
> "Master and Commander" gave me. But O'Brian operates in another
> genre, heck, I'll say it, another level, than does hardboiled
> literature.
Getting way of list here Ned and we'll be told off in a moment but I've not long finished "The Mauritius Command" and have the next lined up. Excellent and great literature - what a story teller. All the best for the New Year and lets hope it brings some gun control to your country. Pete
"He who lives by the cristal ball ends up eating glass" Jose Latour

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