From: Peter Walker ( pw@pw.cablenet.co.uk)
Date: 01 Jan 1994

Only kidding Bill. Just wanted to wish all you rara's a Happy Millennium. At least my old 486DX survived - although it has decided it is 1994 so there's plenty of tome for a melt down. Anyway - here's my top 5: 1.James Crumley (esp The Last Good Kiss - the greatest first chapter ever written in crime writing). 2. KC Constantine - one of crime writings few claims to greatness). 3. Chandler - if only for the Bishop and the glass window. 4. James Lee Burke - The Neon Rain - first time I realised just how good it could get. 5. Hammett - The Maltese Falcon. Boy oh boy. Anyway it is my new years resolution to lible everyone on the list - where's Ned when we need him? What will this decade be called - the 0-0's or the Naughties? Anyway, at least that bug isn't a ptoejvj;smv'''/...//////...,....lem Peter
"He who lives by the cristal ball ends up eating glass" Jose Latour

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