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On Fri, 31 Dec 1999 at10:36 hugh sent: Ellroy

>Sheesh, I'm also surprised to see so much anti-Ellroy sentiment (even
>though I sorta contributed to it.) My first Ellroy experience was Dick
>Contino's Blues, when it appeared in Granta.
>I heard him read at a pool hall near the College William and Mary. He
>read My Dark Places, and it was an interesting experience. His pace was
>very slow and measured.

I own a copy on cassette tape of Ellroy reading MY DARK PLACES and this is a good description of the way he sounds on this recording. Found an interesting resonance occured when I would read a chapter or two and then listen to same in the taped version. Of course, the recorded version is edited, somewhat, so it's worthwhile picking up the book, too.

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