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Kevin Burton Smith wrote:

> Michael Collins
> Stephen Greenleaf
> Neil Albert
> Norbert Davis
> Bill Pronzini

I'm glad to see Norbert Davis on somebody's list. I considered putting him on mine -- I've had so many second and third thoughts about this damn list -- but it's just too hard to find his work. It would be a great service to everyone if his Doan and Carstairs stories were reprinted. They'd fit comfortably in a single volume: two novelets, "Cry Murder" and "Holocaust House"; and three fairly short novels: SALLY'S IN THE ALLEY, THE MOUSE IN THE MOUNTAIN and OH, MURDERER MINE. These are some of the best HB comedies ever written, about Doan, a slightly sleezy babyfaced conman PI and Carstairs, the pedigreed great Dane he won in a card game. The great Dane, having some class, is rather ashamed to be seen with a lowlife like his new master. Way overdue for reprinting. Are you listening, Dennis McMillan?


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