Re: RARA-AVIS: Frank Gruber's westerns

James Rogers (
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 12:44:35 -0500

At 02:39 AM 12/31/99 -0500, William Denton wrote:
>I scored some nice hardboiled stuff over Christmas at a little second-hand
>bookstore, and also grabbed seven Frank Gruber westerns for a buck
>each. I don't know much about Gruber and don't have a bibliography. Did
>he do a lot of westerns? Maybe someone could offer a brief summary of his
              Yes, he did write a lot of them. I think he talks about this in his bio of Zane Grey. Probably also in his book _The Pulp Jungle_, which is apparantly a sort of memoir to his career as pulp hack. I tried to get this on E-bay but got ripped off instead. As I recall, Gruber was one of the high speed guys so I sort of doubt that a really good bibliography has been done.


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