hugh (hugh@pinn.net)
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 10:36:02 +0100

Sheesh, I'm also surprised to see so much anti-Ellroy sentiment (even though I sorta contributed to it.) My first Ellroy experience was Dick Contino's Blues, when it appeared in Granta. I found it to be the most funny, fanscinating short piece I ever picked up. I didn't even *care* if it was HB. Ellroy lifts up the curtain of 1950s LA and shows you life. Yeah, he can be implausible. Yeah, he can be hard to follow. But he has stretched the genre.

I heard him read at a pool hall near the College William and Mary. He read My Dark Places, and it was an interesting experience. His pace was very slow and measured. He stood on the stage with his feet spread apart, knees bent, as if preparing to give someone a karate kick.



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