pabergin (pabergin@gte.net)
Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:07:16 -0500

Since there seems to be an Ellroy string developing as part of the five best thing, I thought I'd mention a thing or two.

IMO, Ellroy has to be the biggest no-talent puffball since Spillane, another author whose total contribution to the genre was to point out, by example, its failures.

Like the inimitable Mick, Ellroy 1 - Cannot develop a believable or interesting character. 2 - Cannot write dialogue. 3 - Cannot divorce his own contrived self-image from his work.

Unlike the Mick -- who was at least tough, if spectacularly untalented -- Ellroy has managed to add whining to the list of (to him) acceptable HB postures. Mommy done gone away.

Gimme a fuckin' break! Who cares?

There are so many talented mid-list authors out there who are doing viable, and valuable, work that I find the notion of wasting any more bandwith on a subliterate cretin like Ellroy offensive.

Somebody's got to say it.

The emperor is goddamn naked. PB

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