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>Hi, I just joined the list serv this week and I have a copy of Helen
>Nielsen's DETOUR. I have not yet read the book but from the
>plot description on the back cover there seems to be some similarities to
>the movie DETOUR --guy hitchhiking, gets picked up by a wealthy man,
>wealthy man dies -- as in
>the film. But from there it seems to diverge into another story completely
>- --
>tough Sheriff puts the guy, a teenager, in jail for murder, kid has a
>secret, but knows to keep his mouth shut. To quote the back cover:
>"Helen Nielson's intricately plotted novel involves a cast of Agatha
>Christie-like characters set loose - or imprisoned- in an eerie, unfriendly
>I hope that information is useful.

Yes it is. Thanks very much for posting it. From your description, this sounds like a juvenile deliquent-type book that I picked up in San Diego about 15 years ago and have since sold/traded (I blush to admit that I hadn't read same in the meantime). Think I let it go when I finally figured it out that it <didn't> have that much to do with the movie. Now I'm kind of sorry that I jettisoned it. Oh well.

By the way, welcome to the list

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