Thu, 30 Dec 1999 17:56:54 EST

1) as a boy I discovered DONALD HAMILTON and was never able to read The Hardy Boys again.
  2) years later, after cutting my teeth on Chandler, Hammett and John D. MacD, and deciding I could read nothing but genre and be quite content, I picked up two books by JAMES M. CAIN and read them both the same day. I don't think I have to mention which two these were.
  3) a friend of mine who also subscribes to this list then mentioned I should try Mr. ELLROY. whatever his faults may be, he keeps my eyeballs on the page. on one Caribbean vacation, I spent 3 days in a hammock doing nothing but reading The Big Nowhere while my wife went to the beach, out to restaurants, shopping...
  4) I felt cheated when CHARLES WILLEFORD died. I still feel cheated.
  5) I've read and enjoyed to varying degrees most of the other authors already mentioned by others. however, I find I have books by many of them in my still to be read pile. I can't say that whatever KENT HARRINGTON turns out next will languish there very long.
  John Lau

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