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> I am curious why your lists are so narrow ...

Age in my case. I came to hard-boiled in the late sixties. I read what I could get, as the early stuff began to be reprinted, I went crazy and bought whatever I could lay my hands on. It got easier when the books began to be imported again. In the last twenty years most of the titles that I would want to read have been available by UK publisher editions or by imports.

> and would be interested to hear whether you think Block's Scudder books,
> Mosley and Bowen qualify as hard-boiled and why.

Never took to Scudder. It's the self-pity, endless preaching about alcoholism and the endless waffling. Take out the alcholism and you account for a surpising number of contemporary writers; Burke and Paretsky amongst others.

Mosley, I like reading, but he's not hard-boiled.

Bowen haven't read. Have you got any titles of histhat I could check out? Going up to London at the end of January, I feel the need to spend lots of money on new writers (to me at least).


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