Re: RARA-AVIS:Have yourself a bloody little Christmas?

cooper (
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 17:48:46 -0000

Kate Derie wrote;
> Had myself a hard-boiled little Christmas -- or rather, a little
> hardboiled at Christmas, but that's not as hummable.

Me too anyway, lots of goodies to ration(so far pretty unsucessfully) My darling one accepted the other two men in my life and got me DOWN BY THE RIVER... by Mr Pelecanos and FREEZER BURN. by Mr Lansdale(in import trade copy no less ) THE DOPE PRIEST by Nicholas Blincoe (I enjoyed the other Manchester books) and a nice graphic Noir/HB collection by Mask Noir called IT'S DARK IN LONDON which he's been looking for for several years.And just to keep that paper monkey on my back fed till I could rip open the wrappings, he got me A GIRL'S GOTTA DO by Sparkle Hayter, who Crime Time always rave about, but at the moment I'm waiting to read a couple more before passing judgement. And for the one of those long boring days after the 25th I bought and read in an pm and am LUCKY YOU by Carl Hiassen, who I thought was somehow precluded from the list, but was pleased to see him crop up just a week or two back. I know the purists may turn up their noses at his work, but I think reading him and others of the "lighter hearted " strain is ok. You read "serious" books to provide the mental equivalent of bread and potatoes(which is not to forget a loaf of fresh bread and saute spuds can be the stuff of dreams and necessary to life) The best of genre that really does it for you(for us, obviously,HB) is the steak garni and the light stuff is the pudding course, sometimes it's creme brulee, sometimes a Mars bar.And the rest? Well, it ranges from a good but dull casserole to a truly vile ready meal, or a generic burger, it fills you up, but tastes exactly the same as every other one you will eat.But some times you don't want steak you want large amounts of chocalate, which is where CH comes in. Anyway that's kinda my theory of literature and life really, you need whatever you want most at the time, as long as you don't overdo it, what's the harm? Regards For Whatever You Do Friday Night,

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